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OPENBOOK FORUM – Galp project



Openbook Forum kicks off a new season with inspiring Galp project!

Setting the tone for a successful season, Maria Ana Botelho and Frederico Pinto Leite presented their captivating work on the Galp head office project. The presentation took us on a journey through the design process, showcasing how they translated Galp’s vision into a dynamic and inspiring workspace.

We learned about the key challenges and innovative solutions implemented to create a space that fosters collaboration, promotes employee well-being, and reflects Galp’s forward-thinking culture. The presentation sparked lively discussions among team members, with insights exchanged and inspiration flowing freely.

This first session of the new season sets the stage for even more exciting Openbook Forums to come. We can’t wait to delve into a variety of architecture and design topics, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth within our team.

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