From sketch
to real life.

We are a leading Portuguese architectural and design firm, founded in 2007, focused on designing spaces driven by creativity and made viable by high-quality standards. Through the years we expanded our company to offer an integrated experience to our customers. So that’s why we are now the Openbook Group consisting of the companies Openbook Architecture, Openbook Real Estate, Openbook Interior Design, Openbook Engineering and Openbook Design.

We operate in different phases of real estate, covering full-service customer support from architectural plans and engineering, corporate and interior design, project identity and branding as well as environmental graphic design, to project management and real estate advisory.

Openbook provides a comprehensive and creative value proposition that enhances customers’ positive experience through innovative architectural and design solutions, with high conceptual quality and technical rigor.

Our obsession with detail and function is based on the belief that quality lasts beyond the ephemeral trend of the day, and the real value of our solutions ensures that our client’s investment endures and fulfills their aspirations.

Our people at Openbook share a common set of core values of who we are and how we operate. This is what makes us tick, why we make our decisions, and what drives the passion behind our work: Excellence, Integrity, Ethics, Commitment, Creativity, Collaboration and Innovation.

Our vision is to be the market reference in quality architectural, design, and real estate solutions, with a touch of irreverence that makes Openbook differentiating, exciting and memorable.

We always go the extra mile for our clients.

We believe our vision for the project should not just address the client’s and target audience’s needs, but to also surpass both their expectations.
To do so, we have established strategic partnerships with other companies to create synergies that allow us to develop projects in consortium, in a leaner, more effective and efficient way.

We make an effort to know the client better than we know ourselves.

Integrated multidisciplinary teams


Concept Design


Space Planning

Workplace Strategy

Interior Design

Environmental Graphic Design

Real Estate Advisory


People are our most valuable resource, perhaps the only one that really matters.

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We are leaders in Portugal in the use of BIM.

Openbook Architecture is one of the pioneering architectural firms in the adoption of BIM in Portugal. Through the set of tools that support this standard, we simulate the construction process as a whole to understand the general behavior of the work before its construction begins. These tools are also used for three-dimensional and immersive visualizations of the project throughout its development, helping the project team and the client himself to compare the various design alternatives.

Some of our clients