Lisboa, Portugal


emontenegro / architectural photography



20,000 sqm





Galp Head Office

Galp’s new head office, designed by Openbook, reflects the company’s dedication to people and the future. The space showcases Galp’s avant-garde vision, commitment to innovation, sustainability, and employee well-being.

Located on the Alcântara waterfront near the LX Factory, Galp’s new headquarters reveals an architecture characterised by a dynamic inspired by the innovative nature of the brand, with fluidity and diversity of spaces designed to boost creativity and collaboration between teams.

All the energy that characterises Galp has been projected across the 7 floors, through an organic design of the spaces that enhances the transparency of the building and allows all the energy inside to be projected outside.

The materiality, ceilings, colours and organic shapes have been carefully thought out to create an attractive and stimulating workspace. In the cafeteria areas, guest artists were challenged to create original panels, which were produced by Viúva Lamego.

On the operational floors, the combination of hubs that create different work areas stands out.

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