Oeiras, Portugal


emontenegro / architectural photography


IDA Design awards



8,000 sqm






Located in the Taguspark – Knowledge City, in the Oeiras Valley, with an area of 8,000 sqm and a capacity for around 350 people, this building was designed to host world-leading digital games company Miniclip.

The concept is primarily influenced by this “gaming” environment and also by its privileged location on top of a hill which allows for an incredible view. The building stands out in the landscape due to its design and sense of lightness, alluding to the cloud and the technological world that characterises this company.

The enclosure is composed of two horizontal pieces that interlink in four oblique elements, introducing movement to the whole.

An exterior structure of exposed concrete was designed high above the ground, which conveys a sense of lightness as if it were hovering over the landscape. The facade is set back from this enclosure dematerialising beyond it and giving strength to the concept of form levitation.

The office space has been carefully designed to be inspiring and enhance productivity, while still providing a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The best yet most unexpected part of the office design is its integration of gaming elements throughout the interiors.

The lobby is designed to make employees and visitors feel like they are entering a gaming world with a combination of colours, materials, and furniture.

The workspace is divided into different zones, each with its unique design features that reflect the company’s DNA.

For example, the play zone includes areas which resemble a gaming lounge, while the work zone is decorated with more understated elements to suit a more professional mood.

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