Lisboa, Portugal



Architecture Masterprize  2023





22,000 sqm





Nestlé Campus

The renovation of the Nestlé Campus aimed to encourage the well-being of those who work at the company, promoting a sense of community, interaction with nature and enhancing sustainability values.

In the design outlined for the new space, three distinct core areas stand out: the Landing Zones, the Social and the Workplace. The landing zone, which works as a meeting point, is located in the central area of the building allowing workers to get together in an informal way. These area makes the connection for the two wings of each side of the campus leading to the workplace spaces designed to be quiet, promoting collaboration and focus. The social areas were thought to promote interaction with nature.

Nestlé Portugal building has achieved WELL certification, at its highest level, Platinum, a unique distinction in the whole country, as well as the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold V4 sustainability certification in the category Building Design & Construction: Major Renovation.

The business units are organized in 18 anchoring points, with the design of the new spaces considering the increase of the useful area through the optimization of the existing building, guaranteeing a greater range of collaborative and circulation spaces and a greater distance between workstations.

Within the almost 22.000 sqm campus, the design team embraced the challenge of taking employees outdoors, resulting in a green area that houses running tracks, vegetable gardens and a “Garden Box” – a modular and versatile building with several areas of collaborative space, which extends to the garden and houses several seating areas to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

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