Galerias Ritz Imobiliária, S.A.


Lisboa, Portugal


jgphoto.graphy – João Guimarães
Ana Salvado



15,000 sqm





Ritz 77

The architectural project for the Ritz terrace and galleries comprises the renovation of the Hotel terrace, including the new swimming pool and bar, the rehabilitation and requalification of the Ritz galleries into offices, and the parking garage.

The renovation concept was based on the existing architectural design, respecting and maintaining the identity of a building classified as a Public Interest Monument.

In the terrace area, where the new swimming pool and bar are located, the aim was to create a “city resort” atmosphere.

Taking advantage of the connection to the green area of the Parque Eduardo VII, located nearby, the spatial concept enhances the views to the Park and the connection with nature, transporting those who inhabit it outside the city’s urban environment.

The organic outline of the new swimming pool and the surrounding areas is inspired by the initial plans of the Hotel, where an organic flow stood out, marking the design.

Still on the terraces, at the water mirror area, the main intention was to organize the place and create the notion of a square.

The pergola creates a visual limit as a sense of a living area and defines the space as a whole.

The Ritz Galleries facade rehabilitation is faithful to its original identity and guarantees a straight connection with its past. The intervention confers modernity and elegance to the volume, both inside and outside, adapting it to its new use for offices.

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