Deloitte Hub

Project type

Corporate & Offices


EUROPE, Lisbon, PT




Deloitte Portugal





The project

Generate new workspace solutions that promote an upgrade and improvement in the quality of the current workspace. That, while encouraging a general increase in productivity and innovation through the usage of new work environments, both within the framework of customer relations as well as internally with work teams. Also, all the various space environments had to somehow connect with the Deloitte brand.

Know the story behind this project

The concept

Synapse, a connection (nervous) between neurons transform this link into gestures and shapes that define an architectural concept for the project. Thus, without breaking with the organized reading of space, elements that add dynamism and spatial tension are introduced. Whether in the various plants, in which its organic, unconventional design suggests movement and communication between different spaces, or in the careful use of color, to emphasize punctual situations.

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