Analog Photography

In-house talents
April 2020 -
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Francisco Pestana

Beyond architecture, Francisco has a passion for analog photography which, in an increasingly digital world, makes us curious and at the same time excited by the work we have seen. It’s time to share a little of Francisco’s passion, following other in-house talents that we’ve also been revealing.
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Openbook: Which camera do you use?

Francisco: I have four machines, all small format film but different from each other. However, I have two of them that I use more often, and that I like the most. One is the Canon AE1 with an FD 50mm f 1.4. lens and the other is a 35x Halina that belonged to my grandfather and I only use it with black and white film.
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Openbook: When was your passion for analog born?

Francisco: I’ve always liked photography and everything around it, from the composition to the process and the memory that begins to be built from that moment on.

But there was a moment that made me keep going with analog photography until today. About two, three years ago I went for a walk around Lisbon and took the camera with me with a colour film. I actually felt a bit like a tourist inside my own city. The whole process, from stopping, framing, watching the light, composing until the final click and that restless feeling until you see the final result. And it was all this process, which is the essence of photography, that awakened in me the taste for this kind of photography.

Nowadays, the essence in photography is lost, in a world that is becoming more digital every day. That made us all stop thinking on the whole process, from composition to light, in order to achieve the final photograph. It was this curiosity about the process and the uncertainty of the result that aroused the interest in wanting to learn more about photography and even more about analog photography.
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Openbook: What do you like to shoot the most and what have you not photographed yet but would really like to?

Francisco: Personally, I like everything connected with nature. All the elements of nature combined by light, contrast and shadow. If I have the camera with me this is what I like to capture the most.

I can’t think about something that I haven't photographed yet and that I would like to a lot. But in Architecture, as in Photography, there is one fundamental element that is indispensable and common to both, and that is light. And because it is always different, because of everything it involves and provides, it always challenges me to pick the camera and shoot.
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