4 architectural office trends to watch in 2019

December 2018 -
01 01

4 architectural office trends to watch in 2019

1/ Home to home
Home feeling is an office design trend that will continue to explode in 2019. More and more companies are recognizing the need and, most of all, the benefits in offering a work environment that makes people feel good, both physically and psychologically. The truth is that cool office design makes people feel better and healthier, empowering results. This well-being trend, along with technology is also a new magnet for talent retention. The rule is simple: give and you shall receive. 

2/ Connection with nature
Biophilic design in architecture is not new, but it’s now getting the attention it deserves. Interior greenery is getting more and more trendy, catching up with an increasingly greener conscious society.
The use of plants, natural lighting and visual connections with nature are the main aspects of this well-being trend.

3/ Brand identity
Workplaces that connect people with brand identity is also a trend to watch in 2019. Office design is with no doubt a powerful tool for communication, and companies are paying attention.
The power of this trend is that every office design can tell the brand’s own story, reinforcing its culture and values while communicating them both to employees and clients.
What until now was just a trend reserved for big companies will also be a reality for medium sized companies with a strong brand vision.
Office design will increasingly become part of the business plan.

4/ Multiple working areas
Providing employees with multiple workplaces is now a reality for a growing number of workplace strategies. Based on the starting point that multiple tasks require multiple environments, it’s become usual to see open spaces combined with privacy-friendly, collaboration and social areas. They are all active parts of the working area and every employee can work in each one of them depending on their daily tasks. This “freedom” let employees find their perfect spot in every occasion, boosting productivity and collaboration.  

Photos: VdA - Vieira de Almeida office - © José Campos