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Travelling is never a waste of time


Nómada Concept Hotel was an architecture project competition that made us proud of the work presented. It was a one-way travel but it was well worth it.

Below is a longitudinal section from a duplex apartment. The building included an hotel, apartments and three shops.
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The concept

Travel was the basis for the concept developed. The idea of travel is present all over the hotel, each floor representing a journey and Lisbon operating as a starting point for the rest of the world.
With the development of new technologies, traveling became a constant in the business world.
With globalization several professionals are driven to live their life on a permanent journey because they need to travel to perform their occupation.


To create a name for this hotel we had in mind the personalisation of this lifestyle, the type of personas that will attend the hotel. This persona lives in an ongoing discovery, they are explorers of the world with an entrepreneurial spirit. The journey is a part of their lives and Lisbon is the starting point.

The name Nómada is the reinterpretation of a lifestyle.

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Lisbon Business Hub

Key factors every entrepreneur should know about Lisbon

Lisbon brings together a set of characteristics that make it a perfect city for entrepreneurs. According to Invest Lisbon website:

> Lisbon is a strategic gateway to and from the European, American and African continents.
> Portugal puts a high value on Education. The result of this investment is a well-prepared, multilingual population, who embraces change and innovation.
> The operating costs in Lisbon are some of the lowest in Europe, without compromising quality standards and level of service.
> Quality of living combined with high safety records make Lisbon an easy sell when attracting talent. Moreover, sunny weather, great food, stunning architecture, world class surfing and golf and a dynamic cultural life add to the retention of human capital in the city.
> The start-up scene in Lisbon is thriving with record numbers of companies registered in the last few years, and there is a large contingent of foreign entrepreneurs who have taken root in the city. The wide availability of support, low taxes and affordable resources all make Lisbon an ideal launching pad for the young and ambitious.
(photos below from ©web summit, ©FIL)

“The world is my office”

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Lisbon is much more than business

A must visit city

Visiting Lisbon on business without enjoying everything the city has to offer is almost a crime. Lisbon is considered one of the best European cities for short breaks, offering excellent weather, great gastronomy, cultural events, history and lots of fun. Click here ( to know more about Lisbon.
(photo above: eletrico red line © Guido Radig; photos below from: ©; Cascais © José Manuel)

Hotels in Lisbon

Unfortunately, you will not be able to stay at Nómada Concept Hotel’s rooftop enjoying the sightseeing, but Lisbon is full of excellent hotels to welcome you. The only difficulty might be finding available rooms.
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From Lisbon to the world

Photo 09 © web Summit
Photo 10 © FIL
Photo 12 / eletrico red line © Guido Radig
photo 14 Lisbon ©
photo 15 / Cascais © José Manuel