Behind the scenes

May 2018 -
01 05

First comes the pencil


It may read as a cliché (it is), but in architecture it truly starts with the pencil.That moment when the graphite meets the blank paper and just starts to dance, simply because it needs to. This is step one, where first ideas are drawn, where ramblings are welcome and nothing is out of the table. Of course, even as a free exercise, you must start the outline of “something”. It’s necessary to add some method to madness, being that why we create “concepts”.
02 05


At this point, the office finished as a product is the less important. You start to put together stories, ideas, and the design concept starts to take shape. Designing moodboards in architecture has the advantage of always working based on a physical space, where ideas and references can be reflected and live with each other. You just have to ensure that in the end the concept is strong, unique and that it fits the clients' values and defined goals. For Deloitte HUB, as you can see, it was quite fun!


When you have the hability to travel without leaving the same place, you can go anywhere you want. “Club Moderne” was one of our stops. It’s a bar, designed in the Streamline Moderne style by Fred F. Willson and built by Frank Wullus in 1937 for John Francisco. This is not your typical bar. For instance, the facade was clad in Carrara glass. This is a pristine example of “Streamline Moderne" (or Art Moderne), a late type of the Art Deco architecture and design that emerged in the 1930s, with an architectural style that emphasised curving forms, long horizontal lines, and sometimes even nautical elements. “Club Moderne” was a vital inspiration for our design, and we weren’t shy about showing it.

“There’s something “Club Moderne” on our drawings thereafter.”

João Cortes

03 05

Let Genius inspire you


To us, the iconic “Eames chair and ottoman” is nothing short of a stroke of genius. These furnishings made of molded plywood and leather offer absolute comfort and are an icon of Modern style design. Now, we couldn’t just place Eames chairs all over the place - these don’t exactly come cheap. But, apart from the cost, there’s always a challenge we like to put to our selves: surpass Genius.

“We needed modern, functional and flexible furniture.”

Rodrigo Sampayo
04 05

Keeping nature close


There’s one thing this photograph immediately conveys: serenity. Well, to us it wasn’t just about that. It was about textures, the black, the wood and the green, the white, the peaceful, effortless balance of colours and shapes.
05 05

The final result