BIM: How digitalization is helping us

2019 - Lisbon , PT
01 05

Technology is our middle name

We’ve been developing Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities as a core component of the design process. This effort has led over time to many production gains. However, a truly efficient and collaborative way of working was yet to be achieved.

For that reason, we undertook a large-scale BIM implementation program led by LIMSEN CONSULTING by early 2018. The first stage of this global strategy for enterprise BIM transformation has been set aiming to create leading BIM capabilities in the Portuguese industry.
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About BIM

3D model-based process

BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure.

BIM benefits for architecture

A more fluid design process / Move from conceptual design through documentation using interoperable tools that maintain model fidelity at each stage.

Integrated visualization and analysis tools / Create immersive visualizations and virtual reality (VR) experiences directly from your model. Get more insight into your designs with energy analysis tools.

Extend BIM workflows with computational design / Build geometry, explore design options, automate processes, and create links between multiple applications.

Multi Discipline collaboration / Work more effectively with the extended project team using cloud-based collaboration tools that support concurrent BIM authoring, regardless of location.

Operation & Facilities Management / Beyond all the improvements that BIM can help provide in design and engineering, its adoption in operations & maintenance (O&M) functions during a built asset’s life has the greatest potential for cost savings and revenue growth.

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Case study

The renovation of TAGUS PARK’s INOVAÇÃO 1 building was one of OPENBOOK Architecture first full BIM collaborations. The company’s architecture BIM workflow was already mature enough to engage in a complete BIM process. The project consisted in the exterior facelift and interior improvement of office and public spaces of a 4.000m2 services building.

Early on the process it was decided on the BIM Execution Plan (BEP) that Architecture and MEP (Structural Design was not part of the design scope) would share models on a cloud “Common Data Environment” to ease the communication between different teams. By using BIM the aim was to improve coordination and allow for model-based quantification. This served as a pilot for upcoming projects and several others are on track to use the same method. We hope in future to get more involvement as well from the contractors side.
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The BIM implementation in our Lisbon HQ is running in full swing and after more than 1.200 hours of content creation and standards deployment, we've proudly become a fully digitised design firm where 100% of its employees are working in a standardised BIM workflow.
05 05


In order to strengthen our capabilities in the ever-digitized AEC industry, the
2019/2020 biennium will be primarily committed to engage our engineering
design teams at an early stage in each project, as well as contractors on design+build
assignments. We will also bring on board the use of BIM 7D applications (O&M)
with the purpose of helping optimize and automate asset management employing
data-rich digital models.

*Content developed in co-authoring with LIMSEN CONSULTING