Invitation to relax

2018 -
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Body and mind in harmony

The SPA is a space designed to immerse you in an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. Water and stone were the starting point for the design, referring to the foundation of Madrid on a land rich in aquifers and streams, and the old city walls built in flint stone.
Our immersion in this project was total, developing all the architectural and interiors design, including handcrafted furniture.
The space is crafted with quality natural materials such as travertine and wood, taking you in a journey of Mediterranean scents. Wood was fundamental in this project, giving the spa the necessary comfort for body and mind.
This all in Hotel Villa Magna, a contemporary luxury hotel in the historic heart of Madrid. Oh and by the way, did we mention the tiles?
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Wooden furniture and ceramic tiles

The visual identity came mainly from the wood and the handmade ceramic tiles designed by our team. The decorative patterns of the walls at the reception area are taken from Mashrabiya, or Muxarabi, an Arabic architectural element that is associated with privacy.
When you want to add style and personalization to a project like this, nothing works better than tiles. Their unique shapes, patterns and light variations are always a plus in any project.
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Tiles by Viúva Lamego

For this project we worked with Viúva Lamego in the tiles production. Founded in Lisbon in 1849, Viúva Lamego was one of the very first few ceramic factories throughout the country.
With a narrowed relation with architects and artists, Viúva Lamego contributed to innovative architectural projects from Siza Vieira, Souto Moura, and Rem Koolhaas - all Pritzker Prize winners, besides OPENBOOK Architecture and many others.

"At Viúva Lamego, each tile is a Project. Each project is a story."

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Handcrafted fixtures that make all the difference

See for yourself and, if possible, experience yourself.
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A massage for the senses

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