Top 5 architectural inspirations

by Rita Lisboa, architect
May 2019 -
01 05

Cave Viticole du Lycée Professionnel Charlemagne, France

There’s no need to be a wine fan to be delighted with this project from Passelac & Roques Architects. The restructuring of the Lycée professionnel Charlemagne winery included the rehabilitation and modernization of the agricultural area and the extension of the existing building for the creation of teaching rooms. One question only: When will I go there?
02 05

Danish Summer House, Denmark

The Summer House designed by Danish architecture studio CEBRA for a site overlooking the country's Vejle Fjord could be my home… but it’s just too far from work;)
03 05

Santa Clara 1728, Portugal

This project from Manuel Aires Mateus is pure charm. This enchanting 18th century building is in Alfama, one of the oldest districts of Lisbon. Old and Modern architecture become best friends and show how possible is to rehabilitate without spoil.
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Concert Hall, Gulf of Mexico

It is impossible not to admire this different-sized concrete blocks and angular walls. This seaside concert hall built by Rojkind Arquitects for the philharmonic orchestra of Mexican city Boca del Rio is a symphony for my eyes.
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Yves Saint Laurent Museum, Marrakech

Designed by Studio KO, Yves Saint Laurent Museum is the best excuse I can find to go to Marrakech!

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