OPENBOOK designs the new CMS headquarters

Corporate & Offices
April 2021 -
01 01

CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut headquarters

OPENBOOK was responsible for the new CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut headquarters, designed to generate impact, promote employees’ well-being and foster a culture of collaboration.

Located in Lisbon, the new CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut headquarters occupies a total area of approximately 6.900 m2 and is distributed over 6 floors, with the possibility of being extended to 3 more floors.

The architecture gave special emphasis to the conception of different types of spaces, designed to encourage informal, individual and team’s work, with different levels of silence and concentration requirements.

The enhancement of natural light was taken into account to promote employees’ well-being, in a design that equally values organic flows and social spaces that encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge among teams from different practice areas.

According to Rodrigo Sampayo, Partner at OPENBOOK Architecture, "all the work carried out to understand the culture, vision, values, forms of human interaction, operational functioning and performance objectives was crucial to creating a workspace with its DNA". Rodrigo Sampayo also mentions that "It was a project that gave us great pleasure to develop due to the great challenge of intervening in a building of reference in Lisbon, as well as the responsibility of designing the new headquarters of an international reference brand such as CMS".

For José Luís Arnaut, Managing Partner at CMS, "this move to Castilho 50 is another step in the structuring a sustainable and organic growth by CMS. It is about providing, to all our employees, a place that promotes our culture: a culture of collaboration, commitments, and encounters, which encourages the exchange of ideas and promotes knowledge, in ample space, with quality and thinking about the well-being of all. More than just a workplace, this office is a space where we want everyone to feel comfortable. We want our employees, clients and partners to feel good when they are here. It also represents the consolidation of our international dynamic, as a company present in over 43 countries and 70 cities. We can say that OPENBOOK has done an excellent job in all these areas".

The upfront preparation of the spaces to receive the art collection allowed the creation of unique and inspiring environments, which positively influence the well-being and productivity of the employees.

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