Good bye, old office

2018 - Lisbon , PT
01 05

Here we are

This story is a tribute to the past years in the office of Castilho street, 111. The good times, the not so good times, but above all to what we built together that allowed us to grow till the point of having to move.
02 05

winning and losing is part of the game

At the old office we celebrated victories and learned from defeats. A lot of projects, contests, works, meetings and extra overtime. It’s impossible to refer all clients and projects, so we will not even try to do so. We had a little bit of everything, in terms of projects: office spaces, residential, healthcare, retail, hotels, logistics, cultural.
We followed the market booms, went through the worst of crises, crossed the ocean to South America, and we also came to Europe and Africa, always without borders or hesitations.
03 05


Our best project is our team. They are top professionals and excellent at what they do, challenging us to give our best.

"teamwork makes the dream work"

04 05

Party time

A shout out for all these years!! We like to party and moving is always an excellent excuse. Maybe we should do it more often...
05 05

New office

The new workplace is incredible!
That’s what we can show you for now... more photos coming soon.

photo 01 / from left to right: Pedro Pires, Rodrigo Sampayo, Jaime Quintas (Alphalink), João Cortes, Paulo Jervell.
photo 02 / Myha Spa, Hotel Villa Magna - photo © Davide Lovatti
photo 03 / Sandeman Cellars - photo © José Campos
photo 04 / Prima São Nicolau 119
photo 05 / Abreu Advogados - photo © Dora Miller
photo 06 / Rita Lisboa and Rita Piçarra