Our office - A place for growth

2019 - EUROPE, Lisbon, PT
01 05

Meeting point

Everyone’s welcome!

We really like to gather people, ideas and businesses around us. Our recent move placed us in an even more central area of the city, closer to everyone and everything. The idea of being a meeting point was a good starting point for us.
02 05

fostering collaboration

We are collaborative by nature

When designing the new workplace, collaboration was the keyword to foster personal and business growth. The exchange of ideas generates new ideas and points of view, and we like it.

With the entire team located in one floor, it was easier to encourage movement through design and promote encounters in both work and play areas.
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Multiple working environments

With a team growth forecast of 10% by year end, it was important to ensure optimal working conditions for each one throughout the day.
From open spaces to phone booths, multiple work environments ensure that there is always an appropriate atmosphere for each one's current needs.
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The office is a space packed with an identity that breathes what we are. It tells our stories and is a showroom of our work.
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Having an Academy inside the office was an old dream. In the new office it was finally possible to bring this desire to life, and the OPENBOOK Academy was born.

We are bringing knowledge and experiences into the office, developing aptitudes and absorbing new references. From design classes to joinery work, there are already a few things happening, which have proven to be very rewarding not only in terms of work, but also on a personal level.