Sacred Music Singer

In-house talents
April 2021 -
01 01

Maria Alvim

"Singing in a sacred music choir is a passion that allows me to work on the voice, the soul and the architecture...

What I seek in my contact with music is a physical, mental, and emotional engagement in a 'three-dimensional' reality. To be part of a time full of space where I know I will find newness, beauty, wonder and where my soul does need nourishing. It is a necessity.

What I do learn is that music results from the art of working out quite mathematical rules. Just as in architecture, music can be horizontal or vertical, bright or dark, dense or transparent, massive or empty. It always has structure, theme, texture, narrative, and the capacity to warm our soul if it is well told. It represents hope in the architectural creative process in the sense that when starting from the rule, from the structure, from the tangible, it is possible to reach astonishment. To make the infinite fit within the finite. To make the Kairós fit into the Chronos."