sketching up the KPMG headquarters

Corporate & Offices
2020 - EUROPE, Lisbon, PT
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Pencil to paper

It all starts with pencil to paper. And for KPMG it wasn’t different. Sketch ideas and concepts and start viewing a way, a line that will guide the project.
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2. Sketching with people in mind

Never forget

It’s important never to forget for who we are designing. Who will work there? Which generations will share spaces? What does each of them considers important to feel good and work at its best? What does the client want to enhance and promote?

‘God created paper for the purpose of drawing architecture on it. Everything else is, at least to me, as abuse of paper.’

Alvar Aalto

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3. Main concept

For KPMG’s headquarters, the workplace main concept focused on reinforcing brand culture and foster innovation through collaboration. A space that welcomes employees and clients to KPMG’s world, reflecting its confidence and commitment to quality and consistency.
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Boosting productivity

An agile work environment

By encouraging a natural sense of movement through a flow strategically designed for this purpose, employees can meet, share ideas and find solutions in an informal way. The multiple social areas are perfect for informal meetings, to catch up with the latest news and refuel caffeine levels.

Haven’t we mentioned the furniture?

We also love to sketch furniture that add personality and functionality to spaces.
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Fast forward

But you know what, pencil to paper is just the very beginning...

Photo © Fernando Guerra/ FG+SG
Sketches © OPENBOOK Architecture