Synergy is where the magic starts.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts when we play it well.

That is why we have established strategic partnerships with other companies to create synergies that allow us to develop projects in a consortium, in a leaner, more effective and efficient way.

Our Openbook Group companies – Openbook Architecture, Openbook Real Estate, Openbook Interior Design, Openbook Engineering and Openbook Design – provide a range of integrated and complementary services by leaning into each multidisciplinary workgroup’s strengths, increasing productivity and quality, thus attaining a new level of performance.

Building a better place to live, work and play


Each project goes through a set of development phases, depending on the degree of complexity and the specific goals and nature of the intervention. Following the standard procedural roadmap, we ensure a logical flow of work from the initial concept phase to the delivery of the work to the client.

Bringing ideas to life

Concept Design

Working together with the client, defining the vision of the project with all the visual elements that guide creativity and function. The entire process is fine-tuned until all parties are satisfied with the proposed solution.

Efficient spaces to enhance your business

Space Planning

Optimization of the spaces usage in the context of architecture and interior design is what will take projects into real life with the best user experience. This stage of the process aims to accommodate operational requirements or changes in the spaces under intervention.

Enabling buildings, companies & people to thrive

Workplace Strategy

Going beyond spatial definitions, the “Workplace Strategy” takes into account such important elements as the entity’s own culture, the personification of its values, the physical characteristics of the space itself, environmental and social objectives.

Creating unique atmospheres

Interior Design

Each project and space has a unique atmosphere, and it’s built with analysis, design, implementation and management of interior space projects, whether they are corporate, residential, tourist units, health and wellness facilities or rehabilitated spaces.

Connecting people to place

Environmental Graphic Design

EGD, embraces many design disciplines including graphic, architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design, all concerned with the visual aspects of wayfinding, communicating identity and information, and shaping the idea of creating experiences that connect people to place.

Shaping the urban environment


Taking concepts into real plans, we design dynamic planning studies for the definition of conceptual layouts for the future development of spaces, illustrating the connection between buildings, social spaces and surrounding environments.

Experts in the local market

Real Estate Advisory

Our technical team provides global expertise with financial analysis and planning advice for clients to find the best investment opportunities by creating tailor-made solutions with independent support and local knowledge in all real estate sectors.

Crafting custom-made pieces

Product Design

Our limited-edition NOBK collections support craftmanship and sustainable materials, produced to high-quality standards by Portuguese manufacturers. Exclusive custom-made pieces designed as main features in Openbook projects.

Turning the concept into reality


In close collaboration with the design team, our project managers are involved in the project from the beginning. Our engineering team will oversee the construction process, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.